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Runapy. "Business with a conscience."

We are a clothing brand that produces activewear and comfy work from home apparel.  Our core belief is that every living being is interconnected.  That is why, here in Runapy, we embody the utmost respect for every living being in everything that we do.

This belief drives our company to produce and source products that are ethically made and are sustainable for our planet.  To do this, we buy our materials from areas as close to home as possible and keep majority of our production in-country too – thereby reducing the carbon footprint of our pieces.

We also use surplus from the fashion industry (that is, the excess and usually premium fabric rolls that big fashion houses made too much of).  Our use of fashion surplus materials ensure that no fabric goes to waste.  Considering a typical factory will have 40% waste – this is already a huge achievement.

Our products embody our desire to pay homage and respect to every being living in this planet, beginning with you.

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IG: @runapyactive
Phone: +639236801674